KartSport Whangarei track lap records as recorded by Mylaps transponder system, accurate to within 100th of a second.

Clockwise - current as of 12th Jan 2020

Cadet RacketBilly Frazer30.958 seconds
Cadet ROK
Ashton Phipps
30.162 seconds
JR 100 cc Yamaha
Callum Hedge
29.429 seconds
Vortex Mini ROK
Mitchell Sparrow
29.209 seconds
Junior 100 cc Yamaha
Chloe Senk
30.775 seconds
Formula Junior
Dylan Hallberg
27.699 seconds
Junior Clubsport 120
Carl Brennan
29.660 seconds
Yamaha 100 cc Lights
Scott Sample
29.057 seconds
Senior Yamaha 100 cc Heavies
Adam Davis
29.148 seconds
125 cc Rotax Max Light
Ashton Grant
26.917 seconds
125 cc Rotax Max Heavy
Aaron Cunningham
27.346 seconds
Senior Clubsport 120
Martin Gleeson
30.030 seconds
Open Class
Ricky Lang
28.335 seconds
125cc Junior Rotax
Clay Osbourne
26.606 seconds
Junior DVS
Leo Scott
26.600 seconds
Bond Roby
Bond Roby