The Whangarei Kart Club began operating from a dirt track at Port Road circa 1956. If anyone has details of that era please let us know so that this history of the club can be updated.

On October 10th 2010 the club's name was changed to KartSport Whangarei Incorporated.

The existing track is at Austin Road which is on the outskirts of Whangarei City off the main road to Dargaville. Originally the track was dirt. A formed track was developed during 1974. During the approximate 12 months taken to seal the track the members traveled each month to the Mount Wellington track in South Auckland to compete there. The club's President at that time was Ray Cameron. In addition to organising the first track sealing he  purchased for $20 the old Badminton Club House at Kensington Park and it was relocated to the track. This remained the Club's Club House for over 25 years until old age finally caught up on it.